Razor: Homage is a high-action 2D battler where you lead a band of warriors to fortune & glory as their chief in the Hellenic era.


  • Capture – Humiliate the other team by stealing their banner three times to win.
    • Win – Take opponent’s flag to your own base three times before they take it to theirs three times.
    • Lose – Opponents took your flag to their base three times before you took it to yours three times.
  • Future: Rove – Rove the arena with your hand against every man, and every man’s hand against you.
    • Win – Survive longer than every other player.
    • Lose – Die.


  • Gladius – One handed short sword you can swing and jab with.
  • Javelin – Small missile you can throw.
  • Club – Heavy bludgeon you can swing.
  • Stave – Long stick you can jab with.
  • Shield – Armored disk you can block with.
  • Spear – Large missile you can stab and throw.
  • Coin – Small treasure you can collect.
  • Chalice – Medium treasure you can swing and throw.
  • Tripod – Large treasure you can swing and throw.
  • Banner – Large treasure you can carry.


Achaean forces will be denoted by (A).

Ilium’s forces will be denoted by (I).

Currency – Everything will be evaluated in Oxen (∝).

Mycenaen (A)0∝
Trojan (I)0∝
Athenian (A)2∝
Dardanian (I)2∝
Arcadian (A)4∝
Thracian (I)4∝
Cephalonian (A)8∝
Amazon (I)8∝
Spartan (A)12∝
Ethiopian (I) 12∝
Myrmidon (A)16∝


  • A – Jump
  • B – Equip Near / Equip Far
  • X – Interact
  • Y – Drop Far / Drop Near
  • Right Stick – Aim
  • Left Stick – Move
  • Start – Confirm
  • Select – Return to Previous Scene / Exit Game
  • Right Trigger – Action Near
  • Left Trigger – Action Far

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