Download Hööps Galöre Alpha here.

Hööps Galöre

Now introducing an all new slam dunk by Major Flex.


  • Left Stick or Right Arrow/Left Arrow – Move Hööp Left or Right
  • Esc – Exit Game

Feature Complete:

  • Move your Hööp back and forth to collect basketballs as they fall from the sky.
  • The basketballs will be represented by my particle system.
  • I will utilize Hitesh’s controller inputs to allow more ergonomic play.
  • When a ball touches your Hööp, you will score a point.
  • The balls will be constrained to the XY-plane in their movements.
  • You cannot move your Hööp off of the screen.
  • There will be one stage to play.
  • The collider of the Hööp will be a sphere check to see if a particle/ball is within a certain radius to score.

Thus Far:

  • You can control your Hööp to move to the right or left with the keyboard or a controller that is compatible with XInput.
    • Your Hööp is currently an ugly representation, don’t hold this against me.
  • You can see the attractive and realistically modeled basketballs.
  • You can watch the basketballs tumble from the sky downward.
  • You can exit the game with the Esc button.

So far, development has been very simple, with system integration going exceptionally well in that it is already completed. Since the game will not require any action re-mappings, I will not need to add Hitesh’s KeyBindingsBuilder project. Using the action polling, I will be able to control the Hööp easily, and using a zero-check, I can default to keyboard controls to allow for input method swapping on the fly.

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