Download this game here. Controls: Esc – Exit.

The Incredible Game 01
  1. Class Expectations:
    • I am prepared to become familiar with a game engine’s low level goings-on.
    • I hope that I may become a well rounded game developer, who understands both the architecture and the player experience.
    • I fully expect to work hard keeping up with a demanding workload, and earn high marks.
  2. Assignment Goal:
    • To familiarize ourselves with the environment that we will be working in for the rest of the semester.
    • To introduce the prospect of having a multi-platform code base.
    • To learn how to effectively operate within the Visual Studio™ software in order to maximize effectiveness.
    • To demonstrate the infinite power of the project sheet. All hail the project sheet.
  3. References to Graphics:
    • The only project I needed to reference Graphics was in Application.
    • ShaderBuilder calls a method from Graphics, but did not require a reference, as the information it required was not defined within a .cpp file.
  4. How I Did it:
    • The only way to finish this assignment is to follow directions strictly.
    • Doing and re-doing steps was the only way to be certain of myself in most cases.
    • I had a lot of trouble with the references later on in the project, since I had removed some things by mistake.
    • My biggest issue was in retaining all of the information at once, and knowing where to apply what knowledge.