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The Incredible Game 02
  1. Assignment Goal:
    • To delve deeper into the platform divide.
    • To obscure unnecessary information from upper levels.
    • To discover how to create platform independent code.
    • To become familiar with graphics differences.
  2. Further Reductions:
    • Most of the functions within the platform dependent Graphics files are similar.
    • Platform independent sections can be relegated to platform specific helper functions.
    • Using platform-independent classes, it can be ionized into general chunks.
    • This can, much the same as the other two refactoring projects undertaken, be done slowly but surely.
  3. How I Did it:
    • Shifting code from file to file.
    • Noticing the differences between platform implementations.
    • Melding equivalent code into platform independent functions.
    • Relegating specific code into helper functions when substantial.
    • Calling aforementioned helper functions in pre-processor defined chunks.
    • Using split window ability in Visual Studio to compare and contrast similar functions.
Accessing the Platform Independent Interface
Clear Being Called in Direct3D
Draw Being Called in Direct3D
Clear Being Called in OpenGL
Draw Being Called in OpenGL
Draw Process Being Shown in OpenGL