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The Incredible Game 07
  • Controls:
    • Esc – Exit.
    • Shift – Toggle object’s geometry.
    • Backspace – Toggle between controlled camera/object.
    • Arrow Keys – Move camera/object.
  1. Assignment Goal:
    • To make an extension to Maya that will allow the creation of .geo files.
    • To make the pipeline easier to add geometrical objects into the game.
    • Learn about the size restrictions for our
  2. Additions & Changes:
    • MayaGeometryExporter project under Tools:
      • Builds a Maya 3D object into a .geo file.
      • Iterates through vertices and puts them into the Lua file that is to be read into the engine, then puts indices.
      • The file is currently limited to these in order to decrease file size.
      • The upper limit of the number of vertices seems to rely either on the max value of the unsigned int that is used to keep track of the number of vertices, or the size of the maximum size of the buffer that can be passed to the GPU to be rendered.
      • This project stands alone and does not reference any other projects, nor is it referenced by other projects.
    • Added a size check for the geometry builder that tells when an object is too large.
  3. How I Did It:
    • By keeping my .geo file format very simple, it was easy to write the information into the two tables that can be queried when they are loaded into the engine.
    • Adding checks into my previous code, I avoided having to change the way it was written.
    • By allowing for many objects to be submitted in the buffer frame, I didn’t have to increase the size for my multitude of objects.
  4. Credits:
    • Hitesh Mittapelly – Helped me to understand the depth code.
Break in the MayaGeometryExporter Project
When a Geometry File is too Large