Lazards (2015) – A 2D side-scrolling action platforming adventure set in prehistoric times. Utilize advanced alien blaster technology to sear through aggressive enemies and reach the massive pile of meat at the end.

Siege Simulator 2017 (2016) – In Siege Simulator 2017 (2016), split the keyboard and wreak havoc as either the reptilian invading army [left], or the high-walled defenders [right]. Launch projectiles against rushing forces and manage income in order to best your opponent with a score of 50/50.

Cr4cked Earth: Scorched Dawn (2017) – In Cr4cked Earth: Scorched Dawn (2017), rip across the barren landscape of our once fertile planet, using all manner of weapons and vehicles to escape the relentless sun’s scorching wrath.

Innovation Scholars Portfolio (2018) – An honor bestowed to those who  have completed the necessary commitments in order to finish what they had promised to do.

Home-icide –


Reaper Race

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