Proof of Concept Game

In the process of game design, it is important to iterate through different ideas in order to find what works best. In order to accomplish this, prototyping a game is an important step to take in order to see if the idea works on a practical level. To accomplish this, I assembled a team of classmates and started upon the path of proving that the format of game could be created. Although the initial venture seemed simple, it ended up taking quite a lot of time, iterations, and skill to complete the ultimate hurdle that was this build. While the game focuses on a different premise than the ultimate goal game, this venture taught me a lot about how to interact with the Unity engine, which is the main tool I will utilize to complete the coding process. Furthermore, this game helped in developing the limitations and requirements of the art I will have to create for my feature complete game, as my teammates introduced me to what software to use, and what I can do in order to make it work in the engine. This game was a great step towards the ultimate goal, and I will remember the lessons learned as well as the process of creating it fondly.

Game Produced : Cr4cked Earth: Scorched Dawn (2017)

Coding Engine

In order to make a complete game, I must spend hours cranking away at object oriented programming in C# to create each and every aspect of the world. From health scripts to UI components that display information to the player, it will take tremendous focus and forethought to design a system that can incorporate every aspect of the world I aim to create. While there will be many setbacks and changes throughout the process, I will make sure not to lose sight of the big picture. Taking into a lot of different aspects will by far be the most challenging thing I will do in this project, as I will not only have to manage the experience of the user, but also the hardware limitations of the machine that it is being played on. Although I am relatively new to coding, I feel as if I have learned enough over the past three years to entirely finish and polish a feature complete game that is worthy of release, if not sale to the public.

Creating Art

Video games contain a huge amount of art. While it may merely look like a room to an onlooker, developers know that each and every detail was created by the hands of artists. While I have never before been any sort of artist (skilled or otherwise), I will take it upon myself to not only plan the aesthetic of the game, but to create each and every asset from scratch. This will undoubtedly take hours and even days of time to get the art created and technically pleasing so that I can easily integrate it into the world. While I will have some assistance from a background artist, I know that each item I create will have to fill a roll in the game and I will also have to give it a presence in the world. In order to bring immersion, I will have to immerse myself within the universe so that I can make the lives of the characters believable and interesting. Although coding is extremely important, the art style can make or break the game, as the visual aspects are critical to drawing in any potential players or customers.