FILM 3710 – Traditional Game Development

FILM 3710 was a wonderful class for advancement towards my purpose in that it was focused on the technical side of video game production, along with the process of art integration. This class indeed helped a lot in the arena of how to intertwine the two different aspects of production and discussed the concept of flow. It was extremely helpful to learn about how to utilize the Unity Engine and how to integrate plugins to achieve what is necessary. Another great part of this class was how it taught me to learn to work with others who might not agree on every aspect of the game. It was nice to learn teamwork skills when it comes to working with someone who has a different view as you, and it was extremely helpful to learn how to compromise on certain aspects, which can ultimately lead to an even better game. It was also great to get into contact with groups of others who are interested in creating games in the future, as the class held a wide variety of people interested in using video games as a medium of expression. I have been and will continue to use the lessons I was taught in this class to produce better and more intentionally designed pieces of work. This class was definitely the best choice I could have made when it came to creating a game. It was a great time that was very efficient and helpful in its wide range of topics and it exposed me to a lot of awesome information that will be great for the creation of my feature complete game.

Game Produced : Siege Simulator 2017 (2016)

CS 4150 – Algorithms

CS 4150’s main focus was on how to make effective and efficient code. This class helped a lot in that it taught me about the how and why of complexity, which is a very important topic in video games as it is intimately intertwined with the way the game engine functions. It was a great time and offered a wide range of strategies to implement many functions that increased my coding knowledge greatly. This class really forced me to push forward mentally in the programming field, and as it allowed me to grow in the programming language necessary to advance towards my ultimate goal. I definitely learned a lot more about how to accomplish tasks using data structures that I had not previously explored. It was a very helpful way to see a huge variety of techniques and the best part of all was how the teacher had us analyze each algorithm and focus on how it operated. I really enjoyed how in this class I was able to develop my coding skills as the teacher not only allowed, but encouraged iteration and creativity. It was very heartening to compete in the online leader boards for each assignment and to do so well in certain assignments.

While The Training phase was very challenging and taught me a lot, I soon learned that all types of experience, guided or not, would help me expand my skills.